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Where to Buy

Pappy’s® Pie Crust Dough is carried by regional and local grocers in 14 states across the Midwest. Look for the familiar square box in any of these grocery store’s freezer section! If your store doesn’t carry Pappy’s, you may want to contact the store manager and ask to add it to their frozen grocery selection.

Cashwise Stores
Family Fare Stores
Hornbacher's Stores
Pierce's Grocery

Buy Online

Due to rising shipping and packaging costs as well, as well as a continued commitment to making sure our product stays frozen, we are no longer able to offer Pappy's Pie Dough for purchase online.


If your local grocer does not currently carry Pappy's, please speak with the frozen foods manager and encourage them to start carrying Pappys! 

If you have questions or have a “pie dough emergency” please email and we’ll see if we can find a local retailer!
Thank you for your patronage and loyalty to Pappys Pie Crust Dough!
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