Where to Buy

Pappy’s® Pie Crust Dough is carried by regional and local grocers in 14 states across the Midwest. Look for the familiar square box in any of these grocery store’s freezer section! If your store doesn’t carry Pappy’s, you may want to contact the store manager and ask to add it to their frozen grocery selection.

Buy Online

If you find yourself too far away from any of these grocers, you can order a 3 pack, or a 6 pack of Pappy’s Pie Dough directly from us!   To order, click on the box below to go to our online store

Please note! During the hot summer months, we are only able to offer overnight shipping via UPS - this is to make sure your product arrives in a frozen/chilled state.   We use an ice pack in the box to maintain your dough’s temperature, however, we have found that to be less than effective. 
To make sure that your Pie Dough arrives frozen, we have set the following shipping Schedule:
  • Orders placed between  Monday after 12:00 Noon CT and Wednesday 12:00 Noon CT are shipped from our Minnesota Warehouse on Wednesday afternoons.

  • Orders placed between Wednesday After Noon – Monday before Noon are shipped from our Minnesota Warehouse on Monday afternoons.


If you have questions or have a “pie dough emergency” please email info@pappyspiedough.com and we’ll see if we can find a local retailer!
Thank you for your patronage and loyalty to Pappys Pie Crust Dough!