Tips and Tools

• The dough performs better when just slightly chilled. You may want to combine part of an additional pod for larger or thick-crusted pies. Pappy’s Pie Crust Dough pods compress together nicely.
• Grease the pie pans to avoid sticking if the fruit filling runs out during baking. It will make releasing the slices of pie easier also.
• Roll out the Pappy’s Pie Pod for the bottom of the pie on a flour-dusted cloth. The cloth permits easier rolling of the dough without excessive use of dusting flour. Fold the rolled out dough in half and place in pan so that half the pan is covered and then unfold the other half to cover the rest of the pie pan. A small amount of crust should extend over the lip of the pie pan.
• To help the top crust stick to the bottom crust: when the pan has been covered with a bottom crust, brush the edges around the rim of the pan with water or an egg wash solution (blend 50% Water, 50% Egg). This will help keep the fruit from running out of the pie.
• Fill the pie with your fruit filling. Fresh or fresh-frozen apples may be piled higher than the rim of the pie. If canned fruit is used or a combination thereof is used, fill the pie to the level of the top of the rim.
• Roll out the top crust unit thinner than the bottom crust. Do not use scrap pie crust dough for the top. Be sure the crust is round and large enough to cover the entire pie. To cover fresh fruit piles high, a larger amount of dough is needed.
• Cut a round hole for venting in the center of the pie crust top if syrup is required after baking and/or make slits in the top crust. This will allow for release and evaporation of steam during baking
• Crimp or seal the edges of the pie firmly with the fingers or a fork.
• Cut the excess scrap dough from the edges of the pie and place to one side. Scrap dough may be used again for bottom shells. Or, combine all scraps, roll out, slightly egg wash, sprinkle cinnamon sugar and bake for 7-9 minutes at 400° F. for delicious “Norwegian Love Pies”.
• Remove the excess flour from the top crust and brush the tops of the pie with milk, melted butter or margarine for a dull, homemade effect. Egg wash is used to obtain a shiny brown crust color.
•Temperature Tips: Most fruit pies are baked at higher oven temperatures than most baked products. Fruit pies are usually baked at 425-435° F. Pappy's Pie crust dough has no sugar in it and is very thin. In addition, the fruit filling keeps the crust moist. Thus, a higher baking temperature is required to properly bake the pie crust, especially the bottom crust supporting the fruit filling. Depending on your oven you may want to bake pies on the lower shelf.

Need a special tool or want to upgrade your current pie making equipment? Here are some recommendations from our kitchen to yours! You’ll see many of these tools in use in the recipe instruction photos!